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Product Development Expertise

When you are looking for custom blending resources, look to Baron Spices, Inc. We’ll find the exact solution for your custom blending needs.

For effective custom blending, you can trust Baron Spices, Inc. to complete the job. We offer the custom blending of both proprietary new products or duplications. Baron Spices, Inc. will work with you to develop the precise formulation, measurements, and packaging to suit your specific industrial needs. Furthermore, Baron Spices will work with you to develop proprietary products to suit your exact specifications.

We’ll help you meet any recipe demand such as meat, poultry, and fish seasonings, soup bases, rice and stuffing mix seasonings, and many more. We will blend these products to your specifications, under the strictest confidential and sanitary conditions.

Our dry mixes require no expensive refrigeration in transit or storage. They are cost-efficient, easy to mix, and have a long shelf life. We are also Kosher certified.

Quality Control

From product development and refinement to custom blending, all functions are performed on-site under the strictest sanitary conditions. Our Quality Control Lab and Test Kitchen ensure your finished product is right for you.
Quality is our top priority at Baron Spices, Inc. Only the best ingredients are processed in our production facilities to deliver the perfect product to you.